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India shares international land borders with seven sovereign countries.

Land borders of India[edit]

India shares an open land border with Nepal and Bhutan
Land Border Country Length (km) and (mi)[1] Force Comments
Bhutan Bhutan 699 kilometres (434 mi)[2] Sashastra Seema Bal Open border
Myanmar Myanmar 1,643 kilometres (1,021 mi) Assam Rifles and Indian Army
Nepal Nepal 1,751 kilometres (1,088 mi)[3] Sashastra Seema Bal Open border
Pakistan Pakistan 3,323 kilometres (2,065 mi) Border Security Force
China China 3,488 kilometres (2,167 mi) Indo-Tibetan Border Police and Special Frontier Force
Bangladesh Bangladesh 4,096 kilometres (2,545 mi) Border Security Force India–Bangladesh enclaves exchanged
Afghanistan Afghanistan 106 kilometres (66 mi) under POK,managed by Pakistan The article heading mentions 7 countries exchanged border with India. No citation needed

Maritime borders of India[edit]

Maritime borders of India are the maritime boundary recognized by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea entails boundaries of territorial waters, contiguous zones, and exclusive economic zones. India, with its claim of a 12-nautical-mile (22 km; 14 mi) territorial maritime zone and 200-nautical-mile (370 km; 230 mi) exclusive economic zone, has a more than 7,000-kilometre (4,300 mi) maritime border shared with seven nations.

Maritime Border Country Length (km) and (mi)[1] Force Comments
Bangladesh Bangladesh Indian Navy New Moore Island
Indonesia Indonesia Indian Navy Indira Point
Myanmar Myanmar Indian Navy Coco Islands
Pakistan Pakistan Indian Navy Sir Creek
Thailand Thailand Indian Navy Similan Islands
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka >400 kilometres (250 mi)[4] Indian Navy Katchatheevu
Maldives Maldives Indian Navy Maliku Kandu

Designated crossings with ICP & LCS[edit]

The map of ICP and LCS.

Integrated Check Posts (ICP)[edit]

India has 7 functional ICPs, and plans are underway to upgrade 13 more LCS to ICP, including 7 at borders taking total of border ICP to 14, at the cost of 3,000 crore (US$430 million) (c. Oct 2017).[5][6] Designated Integrated Check Posts (ICP), with both customs and immigration facilities are:[7]

India–Bangladesh border[edit]

India-Bhutan border[edit]

India–Myanmar border[edit]

India-Nepal border[edit]

India–Pakistan border[edit]

Land Customs Stations (LCS)[edit]

India–Bangladesh border[edit]

Designated Land Customs Stations (LCS) are (no immigration facilities):[16]

India–Pakistan border[edit]

Border bazaars and haats[edit]

This proposed list of border bazaars and haats is in varying stages of implementation, as suggested by State Governments to the Ministry of External Affairs for setting up Border Haats.[19]

India–Myanmar border[edit]

As of April 2012, India and Myanmar have approved two locations – Pangsau Pass, Arunachal Pradesh and Somrai in Ukhrul District. These are likely to be finalised soon during a forthcoming visit of Hon’ble Prime Minister to Myanmar.[19]

    • Arunachal Pradesh Border Haats
    • Pangsau Pass (Nampong), Changlang - Pangsau, Kachin Province
    • Chingsa (Khimiyang Circle), Changlang - Langhong, Kachin Province
    • Makantong (Khimiyang Circle), Changlang - Ngaimong, Kachin Province
    • Wakka/Pongchao/Lazu - Tirap, Kachin Province
  • Manipur Border Haats
      • Kongkan Thana, Ukhrul - Aungci Suggested by State Government
      • New Somtal, Chandel - Thenjen, or Khampat
      • Behiang, Churachandpur - Khenman, or Chikha
  • Mizoram Border Haats
    • Hruitezawl, Lawngtlai - Varang
    • Hnahlan, Champhai - Darkhai
    • Vaphai, Champhai - Leilet
    • Chakhang, Saiha - Nviaphia
  • Nagaland Border Haats
    • Avakhung, Phek - Layshi are 32 km from each other
    • Pangsha, Tuensang - Lahe/Hkamti District HQ are 60 km from each other
    • Chemoho/Longwa, Mon - Lahe are 60 km from each other
    • Molhe, Phek - Pansat are 10 km from each other

India–Bangladesh border[edit]

    • Meghalaya
      • Kalaichar, West Garo Hills
      • Balat, West Khasi Hills
    • Mizoram
      • Marpara, Mamit - Longkor
      • Sillsury, Lunglei - Mahmuam
      • Tuipuibari, Mamit - Not provided
      • Nunsuri, Lunglei - Not provided
    • Tripura: Decision on Tripura Haats will be subsequent to the completion of agreement w.r.t. Meghalaya Haats.
      • Kamalasagar, West Tripura
      • Boxanagar
      • Bamutia
      • Srinagar, South Tripura
      • Ekimpur
      • Pal Basti (Raghna), North Tripura
      • Hiracherra (Kailasahar)
      • Kamalpur, Dhalai

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