Borel (crater)

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Borel crater AS17-P-2764.jpg
Apollo 17 image
Coordinates 22°18′S 26°24′E / 22.3°S 26.4°E / -22.3; 26.4Coordinates: 22°18′S 26°24′E / 22.3°S 26.4°E / -22.3; 26.4
Diameter 5 km
Depth 1.0 km
Colongitude 334° at sunrise
Eponym F. E. E. Borel
Oblique Apollo 17 image of Borel

Borel is a tiny lunar impact crater located in the southeast part of Mare Serenitatis. To the northeast is the crater Le Monnier. Borel was previously identified as Le Monnier C before being named by the IAU.

This is a roughly circular, cup-shaped formation with inner floors that slope down to the midpoint of the crater. The interior has a higher albedo than the surrounding dark lunar mare.