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Type Newspaper
Owner(s) Konstsamfundet
Publisher KSF Media
Founded 1860; 157 years ago (1860)
Language Swedish language
Headquarters Borgå

Borgåbladet is a Swedish language newspaper that is published five times a week from the town of Borgå in Finland. It is the third oldest newspaper in Finland.

History and profile[edit]

Borgåbladet was founded in 1860.[1] The paper is published in Swedish language and is owned by a foundation, Konstsamfundet.[2] Its publisher is the KSF Media[3] which also publishes Västra Nyland, Östra Nyland, Hangötidningen, Hufvudstadsbladet and Loviisan Sanomat.[4]

Borgåbladet is published five times per week[5] and its headquarters is in Borgå.[6]

The circulation of Borgåbladet was 9,020 copies in 1996.[5] The paper had a circulation of 7,798 copies in 2010 and 7,523 copies in 2011.[3]


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