Borg Mountain

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Borg Mountain
Highest point
Elevation 2,594 metres (8,510 ft)
Coordinates 72°32′S 3°30′W / 72.533°S 3.500°W / -72.533; -3.500Coordinates: 72°32′S 3°30′W / 72.533°S 3.500°W / -72.533; -3.500
Location Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
Parent range Borg Massif

Borg Mountain is a large, flattish, ice-topped mountain with many exposed rock cliffs, standing at the northern end of Borg Massif in Queen Maud Land.

Discovery and naming[edit]

Borg Mountain was mapped by Norwegian cartographers from surveys and air photos by the Norwegian–British–Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1949–1952) and named "Borga" (the castle).[1]

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