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Borges (Spanish: [ˈboɾxes], Portuguese: [ˈbɔɾʒis], [ˈbɔχʒiʃ] or [ˈbɔɾʒɨʃ]) is a Portuguese and Spanish surname. Jorge Luis Borges, the most notable person with this name, notes that his family name, like Burgess in English, means "of the town", "bourgeois".[1]

Notable people with the surname include:

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  1. ^ Richard Burgin (editor), Jorge Luis Borges: Conversations (Literary Conversations), 1998, page 227. "Now, the name Borges itself is not Jewish. Borges is the same as Burgess in English; it means "bourgeois," man of the burg, the town, as in Edinburgh, Hamburg, Rothenburg, Burgos in Spain..."