Borgo Panigale

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Borgo Panigale (Bolognese dialect: Al Båurg, Båurg Panighèl) is a quarter of Bologna, central Italy. Located in the city's western part, between the rivers Lavino and Reno, it had a population of 24,935 in 2009.

Until 1937 it was an autonomous commune, but was annexed to Bologna under the Fascist government. It is home to the seat of the Ducati motorbike manufacturer, and of the Bologna Airport. Other industries in the quarter include Panigal (soap), Santa Rosa (fruit marmelades), Sabiem (elevators) and Fabbri (sweets).

The names stems from the ancient Latin toponym Vicus Panicalis, and by the fact that later the area was used for cultivation of the foxtail millet cereal, called panìco in Italian.

Elisabetta Sirani painted an altarpiece for the parish church of Borgo Panigale.

Coordinates: 44°31′N 11°16′E / 44.517°N 11.267°E / 44.517; 11.267