Boriç i Vogël

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Boriç i Vogël
Boriç i Vogël is located in Albania
Boriç i Vogël
Boriç i Vogël
Coordinates: 42°7′52″N 19°30′0″E / 42.13111°N 19.50000°E / 42.13111; 19.50000Coordinates: 42°7′52″N 19°30′0″E / 42.13111°N 19.50000°E / 42.13111; 19.50000
Country Albania Albania
County Shkodër
Municipality Malësi e Madhe
Administrative Unit Gruemirë
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Boriç i Vogël is a settlement in the former Gruemirë municipality, Shkodër County, northern Albania.[1] At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Malësi e Madhe.[2] The village is inhabited by a majority of Serbs-Montenegrins (see Serbs in Albania), and minority of Albanians, and is part of the wider Vraka region inhabited by Serbs. The village is called Stari Borič or Mali Borič in Serbian.


The Serbs are Eastern Orthodox hailing from Montenegro, while the Albanians are Muslims also hailing from Montenegro, specifically from the Podgorica area. In 1990, there was 75 households, of which 67 were Serb and the rest Albanian. Of a total of 650 inhabitants, Serbs were 580 and the rest Albanian.[3]


During the Yugoslav Wars, there were incidents of violence against the Serb-Montenegrin minority in places like Boriç i Vogël and Boriç i Madh, where the Albanian government also tried to forcibly take land from them.[4]