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Boris may refer to:



  • Boris I of Bulgaria (died 907), the first Christian ruler of the First Bulgarian Empire, canonized after his death
  • Boris II of Bulgaria (c. 931–977), ruler of the First Bulgarian Empire
  • Boris III of Bulgaria (1894–1943), ruler of the Kingdom of Bulgaria in the first half of the 20th century
  • Boris and Gleb (died 1015), the first saints canonized in Kievan Rus
  • Boris Becker (born 1967), a German tennis player
  • Boris Miletić (born 1975), a Croatian politician and mayor of Pula
  • Boris Nemtsov (1959–2015), a Russian physicist and assassinated politician
  • Boris van der Ham (born 1973), a Dutch politician and actor
  • Boris Johnson (born 1964), a British politician, Foreign Secretary and former Mayor of London
  • Boris Yeltsin (1931–2007), the first democratically elected president of Russia
  • Boris (singer) (born 1965), pseudonym of French singer Philippe Dhondt



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