Boris Alexandrov Sports Palace

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Boris Alexandrov Sports Palace
Aleksandrov Sports Arena.JPG
Former names Ust-Kamenogorsk Sports Palace (1968–1999)
Commercial center of sports and leisure (1999–2010)
Location Oskemen, Kazakhstan
Owner Kazzinc
Capacity 4,400
Built 1964-1968
Opened December 31, 1968 (48 years ago) (1968-12-31)
Renovated 2001
Kazzinc-Torpedo (VHL) 1968-present

Boris Alexandrov Sports Palace (Kazakh: Борис Александров атындағы спорт сарайы, Russian: Дворец спорта имени Бориса Александрова) is an ice hockey indoor arena in Oskemen, Kazakhstan. The sports palace was renamed after Soviet and Kazakhstani ice hockey player Boris Alexandrov in 2010. It is the home arena of the Kazzinc-Torpedo hockey club.[1][2]


The sports palace was constructed from 1964 to 1968. It was the first stadium in Kazakhstan to utilize a truss in construction. It was also the first ice hockey indoor arena in the Soviet Union to be built with a training ground. Initially, the main arena accommodated 5200 spectators. In 2001, Kazzinc company rebuilt the arena at a cost of three million dollars. After reconstruction, capacity was reduced to 4,400.


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Coordinates: 49°57′24″N 82°36′57″E / 49.95667°N 82.61583°E / 49.95667; 82.61583