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Boris Chaliapin (Russian: Борис Фёдорович Шаля́пин; September 22, 1904 – May 18, 1979) was the son of Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin and brother of The Name of the Rose actor Feodor Chaliapin, Jr.

Example of artwork by Boris Chaliapin on Time magazine cover, January 5, 1953

He worked as an artist for Time magazine, for which he illustrated more than 400 covers, from 1942 (featuring Jawaharlal Nehru) to 1970 (featuring Richard Nixon).[1] Other illustrators of Time covers during this period, which has been called the golden age of Time covers, included Boris Artzybasheff, Robert Vickrey, James Ormsbee Chapin and Bernard Safran.[2]


Boris Chaliapin was born in the family of Feodor Chaliapin and his wife Iola Chaliapin-Tornagi. He was third of Feodor Chaliapin's six children.[3] He spent his childhood in Moscow. In 1919 he studied in Petrograd in the academic workshop of V.I. Shukhaev, in 1920–1923 - in Moscow in the 1st and 2nd GSHM with D.N. Kardovsky, A.E. Arkhipova and F.I. Zakharov, in 1923-1925 - at the sculptural faculty of the VHUTEMAS and in the workshop of S. T. Konenkov at Krasnaya Presnya.

In 1923 he spent about three months in Paris, in the summer of 1925 he returned to Paris and stayed; his father bought a workshop for him in Montmartre. He continued his studies at the F. Kolarossi Academy under S. Guerin, in the workshops of K. A. Korovin and P. K. Stepanov.

In 1927, during the tour of F.I. Chaliapin in London's Covent Garden, he opened the first exhibition of ten works in the lobby of the theater: a portrait of Lydia’s sister, drawings on Russian themes: “In the Tea Room”, “Gypsies at the Fair”, “Merchant ”,“ Stepan Razin ”,“ Pugachev ”, etc. In the future, his exhibitions in theaters and concert halls often accompanied father's performances around the world. Participated in exhibitions of Russian art in the Paris galleries d’Alignan (1931), La Renaissance (1932), the Yteb hall (1935), in Boulogne-Billancourt (1935) and in Prague (1935).

Interred at Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum, Hartsdale, Westchester County, New York.

Boris as child with his father (1912)




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