Boris Godunov (1989 film)

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Boris Godunov
Official poster
Directed by Andrzej Zulawski
Produced by Daniel Toscan du Plantier
Claude Abeille
Written by Modest Mussorgsky
Andrzej Zulawski
Starring Ruggero Raimondi
Kenneth Riegel
Pavel Slaby
Delphine Forest
Music by Modest Mussorgsky
Cinematography Andrzej Jaroszewicz
Pierre-Laurent Chénieux
Edited by Marie-Sophie Dubus (II)
Distributed by France: UGC
Netherlands: NFM/IAF
Erato Records (soundtrack album)
Release date
1 January 1989
Running time
117 minutes
Country France
Language Russian

Boris Godounov (aka Boris Godunov) is a 1989 film based on the opera of the same name by Modest Mussorgsky, but also the play of Alexander Pushkin.

The film features the original 1872 Mussorgsky's score, although with significant cuts.


Chamberlain of Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godounov is after the Tsar's death regent of Feodor I, before becoming the Tsar of Russia himself.



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