Boris Gudz

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Boris Gudz
Born 17 August 1902
Ufa, Russian Empire
Died 27 December 2006 (aged 104)
Moscow, Russian Federation
Allegiance Bolsheviks
Russian SFSR
Soviet Union
Service/branch OGPU
Unit Red Army

Boris Gudz (1902 – 27 December 2006) was the last survivor of the October Revolution, a veteran of the Russian Civil War, and an OGPU security agent.


Gudz was born at Ufa in the Russian Empire, where his parents moved following a revolutionary movement in Ukraine. He joined the Bolshevik Party in his early teens after his father was arrested for revolutionary activity. He participated in the October Revolution and later fought in the Red Army against the White Army during the Russian Civil War. In 1923, Gudz began his career in the State Political Directorate (OGPU) as a junior member of the staff involved in operation Trust. Later, he was appointed head of the OGPU intelligence and counterintelligence department in East Siberia, and then in 1933 in Japan.

In 1937, after his sister was arrested during the Great Purge, he was expelled from the Soviet Communist Party and dismissed from the Red Army, but was soon restored to the Party and the Army.

Gudz died on 27 December 2006, aged 104 years. His funeral ceremony took place in Moscow.[1]



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