Boris Katz

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Boris Katz
Boris Katz.png
Born Kishinev, Moldavian SSR, Soviet Union
Fields Computer Science
Institutions MIT
Known for START

Boris Katz, born in Kishinev, Moldavian SSR, Soviet Union (now Chișinău, Moldova) is a principal research scientist (computer scientist) at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and head of the Laboratory's InfoLab Group. His research interests include natural language processing and understanding, machine learning and intelligent information access. His brother Victor Kac is a mathematician at MIT.

He was able to get out of the USSR with the help of U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, before the end of the cold war.[1]

Over the last several decades,[2] Boris Katz has been developing the START natural language system that allows the user to access various types of information using English.

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