Boris Lehman, filmmaker

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Boris Lehman, filmmaker
Directed by Denys Desjardins
Produced by Denys Desjardins
Centaure Films
Written by Denys Desjardins
Cinematography Denys Desjardins
Edited by Denys Desjardins
Distributed by Centaure Films
Release date
  • 1997 (1997)
Running time
23 minutes
Country Canada
Language French

Boris Lehman, filmmaker (French: Contre le temps et l'effacement, Boris Lehman...) is a 1997 documentary film by Quebec film director and producer Denys Desjardins.


Coined one of the most intimate and obstinate filmmakers in Belgium, Boris Lehman acts in, directs, produces, and distributes his films, single-handedly incarnating the essence of a creator who manages to survive on the fringes of his industry. From Brussels to Paris, friends, filmmakers, critics, and crew offer their understanding of a man for whom life is a reason to film, and film, a reason to live.


  • Honorable mention for Best Short documentary by the Quebec Films Critics Association, 1997.