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Boris Palatnik (born 1950 in Saint Petersburg, Russia) is a professional sculptor and creator of walking sticks. He graduated from St. Petersburg Institute of Art with a bachelor's degree and then continued his education in Moscow Academy of Art to achieve a master's degree in sculpture.

After graduation, he worked in the Artists Association of Russia as a sculptor and got interested in miniature sculpture design.

In 1989, Boris Palatnik came to the United States and established a mini sculpture design business. After participating in Domestic and International Art shows, he was offered to create special designs for various companies such as Neiman Marcus, The Wall Street Journal, Boy Scouts of America, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company etc.

At the end of 1990s, Palatnik concentrated in designing walking sticks and walking canes. He works with cast metal using the loss wax technology which allows him to create sophisticated art forms.

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