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Prince Boris de Rachewiltz (Boris Baratti) (1926–1997) was an Italian-Russian Egyptologist and writer on Africa and the ancient world.[1] He studied Egyptology at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (1951–1955).[1]


He is connected by marriage to Ezra Pound, having married Pound's daughter with Olga Rudge, Mary, in 1946.[1] Pound retreated to a property at Brunnenburg in the Italian Tyrol, in the de Rachewiltz family from 1927, and owned by Boris and Mary, after his 1958 release from hospital. He wrote some later parts of The Cantos there.

Mary has translated English poetry into Italian: her father's, but also Robinson Jeffers and E. E. Cummings, Ronald Duncan and Denise Levertov.

Their children, Sigifredo (Siegfried) Walter and Patrizia, are also both writers, Siegfried writing on the Tyrol.


  • Massime degli antichi egiziani (1954) as Maxims of the Ancient Egyptians (1987) translated by Guy Davenport
  • Liriche amorose degli antichi egiziani (1955)
  • Il libro dei morti degli antichi egiziani (1958)
  • Incantesimi e scongiuri degli antichi egiziani.(1958)
  • The rock tomb of Irw-K3-Pth. (1960)
  • Incontro con l'arte Africana (1959) as Introduction to African Art (1966) translated by Peter Whigham
  • An Introduction to Egyptian Art (1960) translated by R. H. Boothroyd
  • Vita nell'antico Egitto (1962)
  • Black Eros: Sexual Customs of Africa from Prehistory to the Present Day (1964)
  • La Valle dei Re e delle Regine (1965)
  • Processo in verso (1973)
  • Sesso magico nell'Africa nera (1983)
  • Gli antichi Egizi. Immagini, scene e documenti di vita quotidiana (1987)
  • L'occhio del faraone. (1990) Rachewiltz, Boris de, Valenti Gomez i Oliver
  • 7 Greeks (1995) with Guy Davenport
  • Roma Egizia. Culti, templi e devinità egizie nella Roma Imperiale (1999) with Anna Maria Partini
  • I miti egizi (2000)


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