Borj-e Sefid

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Borj-e Sefid
Mast height 134 metres (440 ft)
Coordinates 35°45′59″N 51°27′22″E / 35.7665°N 51.456°E / 35.7665; 51.456Coordinates: 35°45′59″N 51°27′22″E / 35.7665°N 51.456°E / 35.7665; 51.456
Built 1995-2000

Borj-e Sefid is a tower in Pasdaran, in Tehran, Iran. The Borj-e Sefid (meaning "White Tower" in English) is a skyscraper built along Pasdaran Ave. within which is contained a shopping center as well as many offices. The tower has cemented Pasdaran's status as an upscale suburb of Tehran, raising the area's profile and spurring a series of developments in the surrounding areas[citation needed]. It is home to the revolving restaurant of Borj-e Sefid at the top floor of the tower.

Although the tower is a center of business and commerce and is part of a trend towards increasing urbanity in the district (mainly witnessed along the district's northern edge near Farmaniye), the majority of the area's housing remains relatively suburban in nature, consisting mostly of mansions and townhomes or duplexes[citation needed].

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