Bork3D Game Engine

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Bork3D Game Engine
Developer(s)Bork 3D
Stable release
20100408 / April 8, 2010
Operating systemiOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
TypeGame engine
LicenseBSD Edit this on Wikidata

The Bork3D Game Engine is a C++ open source game engine developed by Bork 3D LLC for use on mobile device platforms, primarily targeting iPhone and iPad. Several iOS games have announced their use of it, most notably from Bioroid Studios,[1] Simiula,[2] and Bork 3D itself.

The game engine uses OpenGL and OpenGL ES for rendering, and OpenAL for audio. Originally sold under a commercial license, it is free open source software distributed under a permissive BSD-style license.

Major features[edit]

  • SDK runs on iOS, Mac OS X and Windows
  • Tool pipeline supports Collada, 3dsmax and Maya
  • Integrated web server
  • Data-driven UI system


  • Quoridor: An adaptation of the board game of the same name for iPhone


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