Borknagar (album)

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Borknagar borknagar.jpg
Studio album by Borknagar
Released 3 August 1996
Recorded 1995-1996
Genre Black metal, Viking metal
Length 44:12
Label Malicious
Producer Pytten
Borknagar chronology
The Olden Domain
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[1]

Borknagar is the debut studio album by the Norwegian band of the same name. It is their only album to feature lyrics in the Norwegian language and their only album to feature Infernus on bass (who reportedly recorded all the bass tracks in one day), and their only album recorded at Grieghallen Studios (frequented by other black metal bands such as Emperor and Gorgoroth).

This album features a more straightforward black/Viking metal approach (featuring raging riffs, blasting tempos and more focus on screaming vocals than cleans) as opposed to the band's now trademark progressive/folk sound they would showcase in the next album, The Olden Domain.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Vintervredets sjelesagn" ("Soul Tale of the Winter Wrath") 06:44
2. "Tanker mot tind (Kvelding)" ("Thoughts Towards the Peak (Dusk)" (Ivar Bjørnson) 03:29
3. "Svartskogs gilde" ("Black Forest's Feast") 05:52
4. "Ved steingard" ("By the Stone Wall") 02:14
5. "Krigsstev" ("War Song") 02:03
6. "Dauden" ("Death") 05:49
7. "Grimskalle trell" ("Grim Skull Slave") 05:38
8. "Nord naagauk" ("Northern Cuckoo") 03:07
9. "Fandens Allheim" ("The Devil's Universe") 06:19
10. "Tanker mot tind (Gryning)" ("Thoughts Towards the Peak (Dawn)" (Ivar Bjørnson) 02:57
Total length: 44:12



  • Arranged By Borknagar; All Songs Copyright Control.
  • Produced By Borknagar & Pytten
  • Recorded & Mixed By Pytten at Greighallen Studios.


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