Borlänge Tidning

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Borlänge Tidning
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Dalarnas Tidningar (DT) AB
Editor Ewa Wirén
Founded 1885
Political alignment Independently liberal
Language Swedish
Headquarters Borganäsvägen 30,

Borlänge Tidning (BT) is a daily newspaper based in Dalarna, Sweden.

History and profile[edit]

BT was founded by Axel Lidman in 1885. The paper is sold and delivered to readers in Borlänge, Hedemora and Säter. It is a local edition of Dalarnas Tidningar, Sweden's second largest provincial newspaper. BT has never had a specific political affiliation, but since becoming a part of Dalarnas Tidningar, it shares editorial pages with liberal Falu-Kuriren. All papers are part of Dalarnas Tidningar AB which is a subsidiary of MittMedia AB.[1]

In 2005 BT had a circulation of 15,600 copies.

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