Born–Mayer equation

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The Born–Mayer equation is an equation that is used to calculate the lattice energy of a crystalline ionic compound. It is a refinement of the Born–Landé equation by using an improved repulsion term.[1]


  • NA = Avogadro constant;
  • M = Madelung constant, relating to the geometry of the crystal;
  • z+ = charge number of cation
  • z = charge number of anion
  • e = elementary charge, 1.6022×10−19 C
  • ε0 = permittivity of free space
    ε0 = 1.112×10−10 C2/(J·m)
  • r0 = distance to closest ion
  • = a constant dependant on the compressibility of the crystal; 30 pm works well for all alkali metal halides

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