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Born Dead Icons was a hardcore punk band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They played melodic, heavy and dark d-beat hardcore punk with various influences, mainly British bands Amebix, Discharge, Zounds, and Motörhead.[1] They are notable for playing slower and singing more clearly than most bands in this genre. Members also play in the band Complications. The band played their last show in November 2007.[2]


Pete: guitar
Alex Légaré: drums
Francis Lavoie: guitar, vocals
Phil Légaré: bass, vocals

Partial discography[edit]

Demo Cassette (1999) - Self-released
Part of Something Larger Than Ourselves 7" EP (1999) - Deranged Records
Work CD/LP (2000) - Dead Alive Records
Salvation on the Knees LP/CD/Cassette (2001) - Partners in Crime Records/Trująca Fala (Cassette)
Modern Plague 7" EP (2001) - Feral Ward Records/The Great American Steak Religion
New Scream Industry 10" (2001) - Stonehenge Records
Unlearn 7" EP (2003) - Heart First Records
Ruins LP/CD/Cassette (2003) - Feral Ward Records/Trująca Fala (Cassette)
Born Dead Icons / Coma split 7" (2002) - Busted Heads Records



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