Born to Be Free (Sonique album)

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Born to Be Free
Born to Be Free.jpg
Studio album by Sonique
Released May 20, 2003
Recorded 2002-2003
Genre Dance-pop
Label UMVD
Sonique chronology
Club Mix
(2001)Club Mix2001
Born to Be Free
On Kosmo
(2005)On Kosmo2005

Born to Be Free is an album released by the British DJ and recording artist Sonique in 2003. The album contains the singles "Alive" and "Can't Make Up My Mind".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Alive"
  2. "Hold Me Now"
  3. "Can't Make Up My Mind"
  4. "Magic"
  5. "Love Washes Away"
  6. "Will You Want Me"
  7. "Freefalling (Mum's Favourite)"
  8. "Right Here You an' I"
  9. "Seriously"
  10. "You're the Reason"
  11. "Born to Be Free"
  12. "Please"
  13. "I'm Gonna Love You"
  14. "Can't Make Up My Mind (Sonique Beatmix)"

Chart performance[edit]

Lacking promotion, the album reached number 184 on the British Albums Top 200 chart and remains uncertified; this was seen as a disappointment given the success of Sonique's platinum-selling previous album, Hear My Cry, which reached number 6.