Born to Be a Thug

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Born To Be A Thug
Studio album by Young Buck
Released October 10, 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre Southern hip hop, Hardcore rap, Gangsta rap
Label UTP Records, Thug Entertainment
Young Buck chronology
Born To Be A Thug
Straight Outta Cashville

Born To Be A Thug is the first Independent album by rapper Young Buck. It was released on October 10, 2002, through the independent label, Thug Entertainment & UTP Records founded by Juvenile. Guest appearances include D-Tay and Lil Flip.[1]


The tracks on this album were recorded while Young Buck was still a member of the rap group UTP Playas and a couple unreleased records from when Buck was still signed to Cash Money Records. Buck would later release one more album with UTP Records which was The Compilation before leaving UTP Records & UTP Playas to join G-Unit Records & G-Unit.

Track list[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Born to Be a Thug" (Intro) 1:14
2. "Can't Slow My Roll" 4:06
3. "Get High" (Skit) 1:46
4. "Get High" 5:32
5. "Fuck tha Game" (featuring Lil' Flip) 5:29
6. "Take It Outside" 4:41
7. "Daddy When U Comin' Home" 5:08
8. "Hold It Down" 4:39
9. "Tha Ville Is On" 5:00
10. "Uh Oh" (featuring D-Tay) 4:08
11. "No Remorse" (Skit) 0:12
12. "Look at Cha Now" (D-Tay) 4:49
13. "Watch What U Say 2 Me" 5:20
14. "I Don't Lie" (featuring Haystak) 4:41
15. "A Hoe Gon Be a Hoe" 4:09
16. "I Luv tha Hood" (featuring D-Tay) 4:40
17. "Til I'm Dead & Gone" 4:16


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