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Coordinates: 52°18′32″N 6°39′19″E / 52.30889°N 6.65528°E / 52.30889; 6.65528
Country Netherlands
Province Overijssel
Municipality Almelo
Population (2005) 1,797
The Roman Catholic St. Stephanus church in the middle of Bornerbroek

Bornerbroek (Dutch pronunciation: [bɔrnərˈbruk]) is a church village in the municipality of Almelo in Twente, the Dutch province of Overijssel. The village has approximately 1800 inhabitants. Up to the municipal reallocation of 1 January 2001, the village was part of the municipality of Borne.


In the late Middle Ages, Bornerbroek ( then known as "Near Almelo" Close to Almelo) was the name of a group of farms. According to tradition, the village was originally meant to be located more in the vicinity of Almelo, but during transport, the axis of the vehicle transporting the building materials for the new church (the first St. Stephen's church) broke, leading to the decision to build the church at that spot. The suffix -broek in the village name is a reference to a marsh in the vicinity of the village. Names like De Mors (A district of Bornerbroek) also point to this.

The current St Stephen's church was built in 1856 and fundamentally reconstructed in 1919-1920 by A.J. Kropholler.

Coordinates: 52°18′32″N 6°39′19″E / 52.30889°N 6.65528°E / 52.30889; 6.65528