Borommarachathirat I

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Borommarachathirat I
บรมราชาธิราชที่ ๑
King of Ayutthaya kingdom
King of Siam
Reign 1370–1388
Predecessor Ramesuan
Successor Thong Lan
Died 1388
Issue Thong Lan
Full name
Somdet Phra Borommaracha I
Dynasty Suphannaphum Dynasty

Somdet Phra Borommaracha I (Thai: สมเด็จพระบรมราชาธิราชที่ 1, RTGS: Boromma Rachathirat I), Khun Luang Pa Ngua (Thai: ขุนหลวงพะงั่ว), or Baromaraja I (1370–1388) was the third king of Ayutthaya Kingdom.[1]:29 His name Khun Luang Pa Ngua literary means the fifth prince.

As the lord of Suphanburi, a powerful rival of Ayutthaya, he forced King Ramesuan from power and took the throne of Ayutthaya. Known as a great warrior, his reign marked the expansion of Ayutthaya to the north. He suppressed a rebellion in Sukhothai Kingdom (1371-78) and subjugated major northern powers such as Phitsanuloke. Invading Chiengmai, his forces were defeated and repulsed at the Battle of Sen Sanuk, near Chiengmai.[2]

After his death in 1388, his son, Thong Lan reigned for only a week. Ramesuan, who had previously retreated to Lavo, returned and toppled him. Ramesuan eventually assumed the throne, as the king for the second time.


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Borommarachathirat I
Born:  ? Died: 1388
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Ayutthaya
Succeeded by
Thong Lan