Borommarachathirat III

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Borommarachathirat III
บรมราชาธิราชที่ ๓
King of Ayutthaya
King of Siam
SuccessorRamathibodi II
Full name
Somdet Phra Borommaracha Thirat III
HouseSuphannaphum Dynasty
FatherBoromma Ratchathirat II

Borommarachathirat III or Borom Rachathirat III (Thai: บรมราชาธิราชที่ ๓) was the king of Ayutthaya from 1488 to 1491. He was a son of Trailokanat and served as Trailokanat’s regent in Ayutthaya during his father’s campaigns against Lanna in the north. Trailokanat died in 1488 and Borommarachathirat succeeded his father. Upon ascension, he moved the capital back to Ayutthaya. The throne of Sukhothai at Pitsanulok, however, was succeeded by his brother Prince Chettathirat.[1]:71

His reign, however, was short. He sent Siamese armies to capture the Mon city of Tavoy in 1491 and died the same year.

He was succeeded by his brother Prince Chettathirat as Ramathibodi II.[2]:35


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Borommarachathirat III
Born: ? Died: 1491
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Ayutthaya
Succeeded by
Ramathibodi II