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The city of Sherbrooke, Quebec is divided into six boroughs (in French, arrondissements), each with a mayor and council.


The borough council is responsible for:

  • Fire prevention
  • Removal of household waste and residual materials
  • Funding of community
  • Social and local economic development agencies
  • Planning and management of parks and recreational
  • Cultural and sports facilities, organization of recreational sports and sociocultural activities
  • Maintaining local roads
  • Issuing permits
  • Public consultations for amendments to city planning bylaws
  • Public consultations and dissemination of information to the public
  • Land use planning and borough development.

List of Sherbrooke boroughs[edit]

Borough Components Population Number of Borough Councilors Number of Municipal Councilors
Brompton Bromptonville 5,771 3 1
Fleurimont Eastern Sherbrooke, Fleurimont 41,289 5 5
Lennoxville Lennoxville 4,947 3 1
Mont-Bellevue Western Sherbrooke, Ascot 31,373 4 4
Rock Forest–Saint-Élie–Deauville Rock Forest, Saint-Élie-d'Orford, Deauville 26,757 4 4
Jacques-Cartier Northern Sherbrooke 29,311 4 4

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