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Borpatrogohain was the third of the three great Gohains (counsellors) in the Ahom kingdom. This position was created by Suhungmung Dihingia Raja specially for an Ahom prince who grew up in a Naga chieftains house. This position was reserved for the descendant of the first Borpatrogohain, Kancheng, who was the son of Supimphaa and the half-brother of Suhungmung. Later, non-Ahoms families, like those of Garhgayan Patar and Maran Patar were included in the Borpatrogohain family.[1] The Borpatrogohain administered the region from the Dafala hills to the Brahmaputra, and between the Gerelua and Pichalua rivers. The other two Gohains were Burhagohain and Borgohain.

List of Borpatrogohains[edit]

  • Kancheng
  • Klan-Jang
  • Ban Jangi
  • Laku Borpatrogohain
  • Banchangia Borpatrogohain
  • Lai Borpatrogohain
  • Chereli Borpatrogohain
  • Bhaga Borpatrogohain
  • Achuk Borpatrogohain
  • Kenduguria Sengkong Borpatrogohain
  • Paramananda Borpatrogohain
  • Harinath Borpatrogohain
  • Redeshwar Borptrogohain
  • Maraan Borpatrogohain
  • Kenduguria Rudresvar Borpatrogohain


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