Borrowed Time (video game)

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Borrowed Time
Developer(s) Interplay
Publisher(s) Activision
Platform(s) Apple II, Atari ST, C64, MS-DOS, Macintosh
Release 1985
Genre(s) Point-and-click adventure game
Mode(s) Single-player

Borrowed Time is a 1985 point-and-click adventure game. The storyline is about a detective, who tries to rescue his kidnapped wife. The game was developed by Interplay and published by Activision.

Mastertronic republished it as a budget game, renamed Time to Die.[1]


Compute! praised Borrowed Time, writing that "Activision has created a delightful game environment with the look and feel of those classic hardboiled detective movies and novels".[2] Computer Gaming World called it "a superbly cinematic graphic adventure" that was too brief and deserved a sequel.[3] A German reviewer recognized the challenging storyline, the detailed graphics and the comfortable gameplay.[4] He gave Borrowed Time 82 out of 100.[5]


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