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Animalarium, Borth Zoo
Date opened 2000
Location Borth, Wales
Coordinates 52°29′08″N 4°02′38″W / 52.4856°N 4.0440°W / 52.4856; -4.0440Coordinates: 52°29′08″N 4°02′38″W / 52.4856°N 4.0440°W / 52.4856; -4.0440
Land area 12
No. of animals 400
No. of species 120
Owner The zoo is currently for sale[1]

The Animalarium is a zoo, located in the seaside Welsh town of Borth, 7 miles north of Aberystwyth in the county of Ceredigion, Mid Wales. It occupies 12 acres and in 2015 had some 27,000 visitors.[1]


The zoo was mainly a refuge for unwanted exotic pets and surplus animals from other zoos. More recently the emphasis has changed and the zoo supports the Chinko project and concentrates on issues of Conservation and Education.


Animals kept at Borth Animalarium include big cats, monkeys, wallabies, snakes, iguanas, caimans, fruit bats, spiders, emu, pigs, frogs, ocelots, and cockroaches.[2]


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