Borup Fiord Pass

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Satellite image of the Borup Fiord Pass area including Borup Pass spring.
Borup Fiord Pass is located in Nunavut
Borup Fiord Pass
Borup Fiord Pass
Location within Canada

Borup Fiord Pass is a glacier-carved valley on Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada. The valley contains a natural spring called Borup Pass Spring. The spring is the only known place where sulfur from a natural spring is deposited over ice.[1] At the Borup Pass spring, hydrogen sulphide gas in the water is converted to stable deposits of either elemental sulfur, the most common material in the deposit, or gypsum.[1] The process by which hydrogen sulfide becomes sulfur is complex, and most often occurs when microbes, like bacteria, are present. The very presence of elemental sulfur deposits on the ice in Borup Pass is an indicator that life is likely there.[1]


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Coordinates: 81°00′N 081°40′W / 81.000°N 81.667°W / 81.000; -81.667 (Borup Fiord Pass)