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Boscombe Station 2007.jpg
The site of the station, October 2007.
Place Boscombe
Area Borough of Bournemouth
Pre-grouping London and South Western Railway
Post-grouping Southern Railway
Southern Region of British Railways
Platforms 2
1 June 1897 Station opened
4 October 1965 Station closed
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Boscombe railway station was a station in Bournemouth, now in the county of Dorset, England. It was opened in 1897 at which time the previous station with the name was renamed Pokesdown. The station served the Royal Victoria Hospital and the centre of Boscombe around the Royal Arcade. It was also the closest station to Dean Court, the home of the football club known during the station's life as Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic FC. The station had a goods yard which received traffic from a large area of Bournemouth, and a large coal depot with sidings. It also had substantial brick buildings which were demolished a few years after closure. Closure took place, just before the electrification of the line through it, on 4 October 1965.

View eastward, towards Southampton in 1963

The Site Today[edit]

The area of the station yard is now occupied by a small industrial estate and the old coal yard awaits redevelopment. Trains on the South Western Main Line pass the piles of gravel that are all that remain of the platforms. These can still be seen alongside the line from the bridge that carries the Ashley Road over the line just to the west of the site.

There have been calls for the re-opening of the station by the Dorset Area Rail Transport System,[1] as well as by the Bournemouth Liberal Democrats.[2] A major reported stumbling block to reopening is the substantial cost of installing lifts to the tracks and extending the platforms to accommodate 10-car trains.[3]

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Pokesdown   British Rail
Southern Region

South Western Main Line


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Coordinates: 50°43′51″N 1°50′23″W / 50.73082°N 1.83961°W / 50.73082; -1.83961