Boskop Dam

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Boskop Dam
Official nameBoskop Dam
CountrySouth Africa
LocationNear Potchefstroom
Coordinates26°32′45″S 27°7′10″E / 26.54583°S 27.11944°E / -26.54583; 27.11944Coordinates: 26°32′45″S 27°7′10″E / 26.54583°S 27.11944°E / -26.54583; 27.11944
PurposeIrrigation and domestic
Opening date1959
Owner(s)Department of Water Affairs
Dam and spillways
Type of damEarth fill dam
ImpoundsMooi River
Height18 m
Length1320 m
CreatesBoskop Dam Reservoir
Total capacity20 850 000 m³
Surface area373 ha
Department of Water Affairs - Boskop Dam

Boskop Dam is an earth-fill type dam on the Mooi River, near Potchefstroom, North West Province, South Africa.[1] It was constructed in 1959. The main purpose of the dam is for irrigation and domestic usage. Its hazard potential is ranked as high, due to poor maintenance and the development of sink holes.[2]

The Boskop Dam Nature Reserve has been established on 3 000 hectare around the dam's reservoir.[3]

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