Bosmal City Center

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Bosmal City Center
Bosmalov gradski centar
Босмалов градски центар
Bosmal City Centar.jpg
General information
LocationSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates43°50′48″N 18°22′28″E / 43.8466°N 18.3745°E / 43.8466; 18.3745Coordinates: 43°50′48″N 18°22′28″E / 43.8466°N 18.3745°E / 43.8466; 18.3745
Cost€120 million[1]
Roof118 m (387 ft)

The Bosmal City Center (BCC) (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian: Bosmalov gradski centar / Босмалов градски центар) is a business and residential tower located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Standing 118 m (387 ft) high, it is the second tallest residential building in the Balkans.[2] In addition to apartment units, the complex houses several amenities, including restaurants, salons, and shops.

The Bosmal City Center was the project of Bosnian firm Bosmal, created in 2001 by the Šabanović Brothers[citation needed]. With an overall investment valued at €120 million, the Bosmal City Center is the largest direct foreign greenfield investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project involved nearly seventy companies and employed more than 3,500 workers.[3]

Bosmal City Center Towers
Panoramic view of Bosmal City Center from Čengić Vila II (in 2005).


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