1991 Bosnian Serb referendum

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A referendum on remaining in Yugoslavia was held in the parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a significant Serb population on 10 November 1991.[1] The referendum was organised by the Bosnian Serb Assembly and asked two questions; to Serbs it asked:

Do you agree with the decision of Assembly of the Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina of October 24, 1991, that the Serbian people should remain in a common Yugoslav state with Serbia, Montenegro, the SAO Krajina, SAO Slavonija, Baranja and Western Srem, and with others who have come out for remaining?[2]

Non-Serbs were asked:

Are you agreed that Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an equal republic, should remain in a common state of Yugoslavia with all others who take this position?[2]

It was approved by 98% of voters, and Republika Srpska was subsequently established on 9 January 1992.[1]


Choice Votes %
For 1,161,146 98.00
Against 2.00
Invalid/blank votes
Total 100
Registered voters/turnout 85.00
Source: Direct Democracy


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