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Boss (ボス Bosu?) is a brand name of canned and plastic bottled coffee and coffee-flavored beverages sold by Suntory in Japan. It was released in 1992 and is one of many brands of Japanese canned coffee.

Boss is known for its aggressive campaigns using a jacket nicknamed Boss Jan (BOSSジャン?) as a promotional item. The brand's logo features a mustachioed, pipe-smoking man. Although most often you see the Boss logo smoking a pipe, the logo has been altered to show the man reading a newspaper or playing the saxophone. Its slogan is "SUNTORY BOSS is the boss of them all since 1992".

Japanese singers Eikichi Yazawa and Ayumi Hamasaki endorsed in the product in the 1990s and early 2000s respectively. Hamasaki appeared in commercials singing the Boss jingle, a cover of Nat King Cole's song "Love". In April 2006, Tommy Lee Jones became the spokesman for Boss. He was seen in various Boss TV commercials in Japan.


Tommy Lee Jones has been the most recognizable face of Boss since 2006, and he has appeared in print, display and television ads for Boss across Japan. Boss has released 38 commercials featuring Jones as “Alien Jones”, an alien who has come to Earth, in a human form, to learn about human culture. In the commercials, “Alien Jones” goes from one everyday job to the next, from a karaoke bar waiter to a doctor. In one of the last commercials “Alien Jones” leaves Earth, but quickly returns due to his love for Boss canned coffee.

Boss has teamed up with the creators of James Bond and Super Mario offering collectible figurines when you purchase one to two cans of boss coffee. There are a total of fifteen collectibles from the James Bond/007 campaign. Eight of the fifteen collectibles are on top of two Boss coffee cans, the other seven collectibles are on top single cans. After purchasing a total of twenty three cans, you have collected the entire 007 set. The Mario collection campaign started on September 18, 2012. A total of ten pull back Mario figures can be collected after purchasing ten cans of Boss coffee.

Product lists[edit]

As of November 2004[edit]

Can of Boss Café Au Lait from a vending machine in Japan
  • Bossccino
  • Bosspresso
  • Boss 微糖・深煎り (Bito Fukairi)
  • Boss Café Au Lait
  • Boss Calorie Off
  • Boss デミタス (Demitasu)
  • Boss デミタス (Demitasu) Latte
  • Boss Double Black
  • Boss 深煎り (Fukairi) Super
  • Boss 休憩中 (Kyukeichu)
  • Boss 無糖 (Muto) Black
  • Boss Rainbow Mountain Blend
  • Boss 仕事中 (Shigotochu)
  • Boss Super Blend
  • Boss +1 Plus One
  • Boss Sekido Blend
  • Boss Mezamashi Caffeine Shiki
  • Boss SORA Bito Milk-iri
  • Boss SORA Muto Black
  • Boss Latte Latte
  • Boss Latte Latte Café Mocha
  • Boss Dark Black
  • Boss Mocha Brazil
  • Boss Fine Roast
  • Boss Fine Beans
  • Boss Neo Seven
  • Boss Double Roast
  • Boss Intermission
  • Boss Refreshment
  • Boss 250
  • Boss HG (High Grown Beans)

Additional as of January 2007[edit]

  • Boss Americano
  • Boss Begin!
  • Boss W.E.B. (World Executive Blend)
  • Boss Café au Lait

As of 2008[edit]

  • Boss Silky Black
  • Boss 木陰 (Kokage)
  • Boss Legend
  • The Espresso
  • Boss 冬のくつろぎ (Fuyunokutsurogi)
  • Boss 贅沢微糖 (Zeitakubitou)
  • Boss Gold City Blend (Hokkaido limited-edition Boss)
  • Boss Midnight Aroma

As of 2012[edit]

  • Boss Iced Coffee
  • Boss Drive Shot
  • Ultra Boss ボス 超
  • Boss White Presso
  • Boss Gold Presso
  • Boss Silky Drip
  • Luxury Boss ボス 贅沢微糖
  • Boss Black
  • Boss Super Blend
  • Boss Mediterranean Blend ボス 地中海ブレンド
  • Zero Boss ボス ゼロの頂点
  • Boss Friendly Boss ボス やさしいボス
  • Boss Silky Black Hot Blend
  • Boss of the Morning ボス 朝のオレ
  • Boss Luxury Double Café Au Lait ボス 贅沢ミルクと生クリームのコクダブルカフェオレ
  • Boss Aqua Au Lait ボス とろけるカフェオレ
  • Boss Luxury Made Espresso ボス 贅沢エスプレッソ仕立て
  • Boss Good Start Blend
  • Boss Short Break Blend
  • Boss First Class
  • Boss Brazil Special
  • Boss Brazil Original
  • Boss Brazil Caffe Latte
  • Boss Select Café
  • Boss Simple Style
  • Boss Half and Half
  • Smart Boss
  • Boss Rich on Rich

As of 2013[edit]

  • Boss Gran Aroma

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