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Sub-prefecture and town
Bossou is located in Guinea
Location in Guinea
Coordinates: 7°39′N 8°31′W / 7.650°N 8.517°W / 7.650; -8.517
Country Guinea
Region Nzérékoré Region
Prefecture Lola Prefecture
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Bossou is a town and sub-prefecture in the Lola Prefecture in the Nzérékoré Region of south-eastern Guinea.[1] Much of the sub prefecture consists of the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve.


Tourists that go to Bossou make the best of nature as Bossou has a rich nature and chimpanzees are also one of the main attractions. Bossou is known to be very rich in agriculture as its people grow coffee beans, rice, fruits and corn. Bossou is a very small city and therefore has a limited number of people, majority of people in Bossou are poor and there are only few government schools available and the level of education is relatively low. During the Liberian War, many refugees crossed the border to seek refuge and the government of Guinea built refugee camps on the high hills which still exists today. people in Bossou mainly speak Manon and one of the most popular people to come from Bossou is Jean-Marie Doré. Bossou people tend to be agnostic; most people still use the ways of their ancestors.


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Coordinates: 7°39′N 8°31′W / 7.650°N 8.517°W / 7.650; -8.517