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Bost & Bim
Origin France
Years active 1991–present
  • Special Delivery Music
  • The Bombist

Bost & Bim are a French dancehall reggae production duo, comprising Matthieu Bost and Jérémie Dessus. The duo has worked with the biggest Jamaican and European reggae artists such as Capleton, Morgan Heritage, Sizzla, Gentleman, and Admiral T.[1]

Start of career[edit]

Both of them debuted in the early 1990s, respectively as saxophonist and guitarist in many bands, and they still play on tour with many Jamaican and European artists. Since 1999, Bost & Bim were established as record producers, and following the work on international line up riddims (with the label Special Delivery Music, and with their own label The Bombist), and many collaborations on albums from others artists.


They also collaborated with Brisa Roché and Lone Ranger to release the song "Jamaican Boy",[2] an early-reggae cover of Estelle's "American Boy". It was played in the honour of Usain Bolt at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, just after his 100m victory at the 2009 World Championships.[3]

In 2016, Morgan Heritage wins the Best Reggae Album Grammy Awards with Strictly Roots where two tracks (Rise And Fall and Wanna Be Loved) were written by Bost & Bim.[4]


Bost & Bim also tour as DJs in Europe.[5]


  • (number 1 all times reggae tune: Brisa Roché/Lone Ranger "Jamaican Boy")[6]
  • Admiral T - Toucher l'horizon number 9 (20 May 2006)[7]
  • Tunisiano "Le regard des gens" n°11(fr)n°35(ch)n°24 (be) (1 March 2008)[8]
  • ("Jamaican Boy" in the top 10 all style tunes for a few months)
  • iTunes charts ("Jamaican Boy" in the top 10 reggae tunes for a few months)
  • - ( several times number 1 and best selling reggae singles (number 9, 17, 48, 64...)[9]
  • - several times number 1


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