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RTV BosTel
Type Satellite network
Country United States
Availability USA - ALL cities
Slogan One for all (English)
Jedna za sve (Bosnian)
Launch date
Official website
RTV BosTel

RTV BosTel or BosTel is a Bosnian TV station in North America.

RTV BosTel's program started airing in September 2001 with a 2 hour program in the Chicago radio market, but has since then expanded into a 24 hour TV station throughout North America. RTV BosTel currently airs its channel on EURO World Network's Satellite platform on Galaxy-19 and also available on the NexTV America IPTV platform.

BosTel's viewers are able to get informed about the most recent news and important events that have happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other World countries, as well as among Bosnian communities in the U.S.A and Canada.

BosTel's mission is to connect the displaced Bosnians with their nation, their main focus is helping the community as much as possible.

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