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A group of Boston Bruins Ice Girls from the 2009–2010 NHL season pose for a picture with two fans

The Boston Bruins Ice Girls, or simply Bruins Ice Girls, are a professional cheerleading team (specifically, an NHL Ice Dancer team) supporting the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League. The 2011–2012 Bruins Ice Girls team consists of 17 members[1] including their captain, 'Holly.' [2] During Bruins home games the Bruins Ice Girls host different contests and events, many of which involve the fans. Outside of Bruins games the Bruins Ice Girls are also very active in the community, and are involved in charity events, fundraisers, and viewing parties.


The Bruins Ice Girls team was originally formed for the 2002-03 NHL season and consisted of 12 members.[3] Their first uniform consisted of black pants and simulated Bruins sweaters. The Bruins Ice Girls' duties during their first season included skating onto the ice with the Bruins trash barrels to help clean the ice during stoppages in play, and assist with on-ice promotions in between periods.[4]

The Bruins Ice Girls team has always chosen its members via a series of tryouts. Since its inception, the team has gained popularity from applicants, with over 900 applying for the 5 open positions for the 2011-12 NHL season.[2][4]

Bruins Ice Girl Events[edit]

During Bruins Home Games[edit]

The Bruins Ice Girls work all Bruins home games including pre-season games. During the games the Ice Girls perform a variety of tasks, including talking with fans in the concourse and at the Ice Girl's Station, handing out rosters,[5] skating on the ice for on-ice promotions in between periods, and signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans. One of the most popular Ice Girl events is the Ice Girl T-shirt toss, during which members of the team take to the ice and the stands and give free Bruins t-shirts to the fans, either by throwing them or firing them out of air-powered cannons.[2][6][7]

In The Community[edit]

The Bruins Ice Girls also support other competitive sports teams in the Boston area, at both the professional and youth levels. They have made appearances at minor league teams' games and events,[8] and at youth hockey games.[9]

The Bruins Ice Girls work with many charities and non-profit organizations. The charity that they are most commonly involved with is The Bruins Foundation,[10] and they are also involved with others such as The Starlight Children's Foundation, The American Heart Association,[2] and The MSPCA-Angell.[11]

Much of their community work involves The Bruins Ice Girls interacting directly with fans. They host 'Skate with the Ice Girls' events where tickets can be purchased to skate with them and the Bruins mascot, Blades, at local skating rinks (with all proceeds supporting various charities and non-profits).[12] They also do hospital visits,[13] and work with primary and secondary public schools to develop educational programs[14]

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