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The Boston Celtics Radio Network is a radio network that broadcasts Boston Celtics basketball games with a flagship station of WBZ-FM/98.5. Carried in 5 of the 6 New England states, the network has 20 stations (8 on A.M., 12 on F.M.). On September 26, 2013, it was announced that as part of a multi-year deal, WBZ-FM will be the new flagship (with WZLX/100.7 carrying games when there is a conflict with Boston Bruins or New England Patriots games).

Radio Network (27 stations + 2 F.M. translators)[edit]

Flagships (2 stations)[edit]

  • 98.5/WBZ-FM: Boston
  • 100.7/WZLX: Boston (if there is a conflicting game on WBZ-FM)

Affiliates (25 stations + 2 F.M. translators)[edit]

Maine (6 stations)[edit]

Massachusetts (7 stations + 1 F.M. translator)[edit]

New Hampshire (8 stations + 1 F.M. translator)[edit]

New York (2 stations)[edit]

Rhode Island (2 stations)[edit]

Former stations (20 stations + 1 F.M. translator)[edit]

Former flagships (7 stations)[edit]

Former affiliates (16 stations + 1 F.M. translator)[edit]


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