Boston Charley

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Boston Charley
Boston Charley in 1873
DiedOctober 3, 1873

Boston Charley (1854 – October 3, 1873) was a warrior in the Modoc War of 1872. He was reportedly given the "Boston" moniker by miners who felt he had a lighter complexion than the other warriors.[1] In 1873 he had joined the group led by Kintpuash, and was later involved in an action that killed fourteen people at Tule Lake. On April 11, 1873 he was part of a group that killed Edward Canby. Charley did not personally kill Canby, but during the incident he killed a Dr. Thomas. On October 3, 1873, Boston Charley, Kintpuash, Schonchin John and Black Jim were executed for the murder of Edward Canby. He reportedly met his execution stoically, asking only for tobacco.[2]

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