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Boston College
School of Social Work
Parent institution
Boston College
Academic staff
Total: 94
(27 full-time / 67 adjunct)[2]
LocationChestnut Hill, Massachusetts, U.S.

The Boston College School of Social Work (BCSSW) is the academic department of Boston College that awards degrees in social work. It offers three graduate degree programs and is located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, near the city of Boston.[3] Currently ranked #10 by U.S. News and World Reports, it is the highest ranked academic program at Boston College and the highest ranked Catholic school of social work in the United States.[2][4][5] Over 7,000 alumni serve as practitioners in social service agencies, policymakers, academics, and researchers throughout the United States and across the globe.[6]


Boston College School of Social Work was founded in 1936 by Father Walter McGuinn, S.J.[1] In 1979 the school began offering a Doctor of Social Work degree, which later was changed to a Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work. Originally located at 126 Newbury Street in Boston, the school moved to McGuinn Hall on Boston College's Chestnut Hill campus in 1968.

Academic programs[edit]

Boston College School of Social Work offers two professional degrees: Masters of Social Work and Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work, as well as several dual degrees.[7]

Masters of Social Work program (MSW)[edit]

Boston College School of Social Work offers a two-year program and a three- or four-year program.[8][9]

The Clinical Program intervention method prepares students for a broad range of careers and focuses on direct service to those in need.[10] The Macro: Social Innovation + Leadership Program focuses on training future leaders of the public and social service sectors in the development of new ideas and directions for solving social problems, both creatively and effectively.[11][12]

The choice of concentration and intervention method combined with a five-elective curriculum plan allows students to customize their education to their professional and educational goals.[13]

Boston College School of Social Work offers a Certificates Program within the MSW Program that gives students the opportunity to engage in concentrated study in subject-specific areas of social work practice and expertise, allowing for enhanced skill sets and practice options. Eight certificate options are offered on a space available basis for incoming students starting in Fall 2014 in the areas of Child Welfare; Latino Leadership; Neuroscience & Social Work; Policy & Community Organizing; Refugees & Immigrants; School Social Work; Trauma; and Veterans & Military Families. Certificate course offerings are subject to change each semester.[14]

Doctoral program[edit]

Boston College School of Social Work offers three separate PhD curriculums.[15]

Centers, labs, and institutes[edit]

Boston College School of Social Work's research centers, labs, and institutes are renowned for conducting groundbreaking work and providing critical services.[16][17]

The Center for Social Innovation promotes "innovation from within."[18] The mission is to foster effective, sustainable social innovations that enhance social justice.[5]

The Immigrant Integration Lab is an applied research lab exploring the intersection of social work, social policy, and immigrant inclusion.[5][19]

The Institute on Aging provides an integrated framework for fundraising, research, teaching, and knowledge dissemination.[5][20]

The Sloan Center on Aging & Work focuses its research on helping the business community promote workplace flexibility and prepare for the opportunities and challenges associated with an aging workforce.[5][21]

Social Work Library[edit]

To facilitate learning and research, Boston College School of Social Work is one of only a dozen schools of social work in the U.S. and the only one in New England to maintain its own Social Work Library.[5]

The Social Work Library contains over 41,000 volumes, 400 serial titles, and many audiovisual titles. The library also has access to hundreds of journal databases and over 23,000 electronic journals.[22]


Boston College School of Social Work is one of only a few graduate social work programs to have its own Career Services office. In recent years, 95% of graduates have succeeded in finding jobs within the social work field within three months of the start of their job search.[6]

BCSSW's network of over 7,000 alumni worldwide provides an invaluable resource for seeking career advice and making professional connections.[6]


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