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The Boston Journal of Natural History (1834-1863) was a scholarly journal published by the Boston Society of Natural History in mid-19th century Massachusetts. Contributors included Charles T. Jackson, Augustus A. Gould, and others. Each volume featured lithographic illustrations, some in color, drawn/engraved by E.W. Bouvé, B.F. Nutting, A. Sonrel, et al. and printed by Pendleton's Lithography and other firms.[1]

The journal was continued by Memoirs Read Before the Boston Society of Natural History in 1863.[2][3]

Further reading[edit]

  • Boston Journal of Natural History v.1 (1834-1837); v.2 (1838-1839); v.4 (1843-1844); v.5 (1845-1847); v.6 (1850-1857); v.7 (1859-1863).

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