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John Park (1775–1852) was an educator and newspaperman in Boston, Massachusetts, in the 19th century.[1] He established The Repertory newspaper. In 1811 he founded the Boston Lyceum for the Education of Young Ladies[2] located on Mount Vernon Street in Beacon Hill,[3] and attended by Margaret Fuller[4] and Frances Sargent Osgood. As of 1816 the school had a library of 3,000 volumes, as well as "a complete planetarium, a camera lucida, and microscope."[5] Park was elected a member of the American Antiquarian Society in 1831.[6] The society holds a nearly complete run of original copies of The Repertory, as well as the related titles that proceed and follow it in its collections.[7] Park's daughter, Louisa Jane Hall, was a writer and literary critic.


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