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Frontispiece from Boston Magazine, August 1784: "Peace Crowned by Victory"

Boston Magazine (1783–1786) was produced in Boston, Massachusetts, in the 1780s. It originated from the efforts of "a society for compiling a magazine in the town of Boston;" the society consisted of John Eliot, James Freeman, George R. Minot, Aaron Dexter, John Clarke, John Bradford, Benjamin Lincoln, Christopher Gore, and others.[1] Publishers included John Norman, James White, Edmund Freeman, and Joseph Greenleaf.[2] "An interesting feature of The Boston Magazine was the printing of a Geographical Gazetteer of Massachusetts, which came out as a serial number at the end of certain issues. ... In this supplement an account of twenty-one towns in Suffolk County is given."[1] "The magazine ceased publication with Volume IV for October 1786."[2]


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