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Boston Road is Springfield, Massachusetts's principal commercial and retail corridor. The Boston Road neighborhood, historically known as Springfield Plain,[1] is named for being a major waypoint on the Boston Post Road system, being located on the eastern edge of the city, about five miles from Metro Center. It is a medium-sized Springfield neighborhood, containing 727 acres (294 ha) plus rights-of-way and water bodies. Principal boundaries are the Boston & Albany Railroad to the north; the North Branch of the Mill River to the south; the Town of Wilbraham to the east; and Cobb and Methuen Streets to the west.

Boston Road remains a commercial stronghold, home to the fully occupied Eastfield Mall, various big box stores and a movie theater.

Springfield city parks including Five Mile Pond and Loon Pond provide places to swim, fish, boat, and picnic. The High School of Science & Technology and the controversially renovated Putnam Vocational High School are located in this neighborhood.[2]

The neighborhood also features numerous local and chain restaurants, not to mention a handful of independently owned restaurants and bars. Overall, Springfield's Boston Road is one of the city's most eclectic neighborhoods, functioning as a car-oriented version of Metro Center. Whereas one does not need a car to shop and enjoy Springfield's compact Metro Center, a car is a necessity for use along Boston Road.


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