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Boston Road is Springfield, Massachusetts's principal commercial and retail corridor. The Boston Road neighborhood is located on the eastern edge of the city, beginning about five miles from Metro Center. It is a medium-sized Springfield neighborhood, containing 727 acres (294 ha) plus rights-of-way and water bodies. Principal boundaries are the Boston & Albany Railroad to the north; the North Branch of the Mill River to the south; the Town of Wilbraham to the east; and Cobb and Methuen Streets to the west.

Boston Road remains a commercial stronghold, home to the fully occupied Eastfield Mall, various big box stores, a movie theater, and a branch of Hampden Bank.[1]

Just across from the above-mentioned Hampden Bank, Springfield city parks including Five Mile Pond and Loon Pond provide places to swim, fish, boat, and picnic. The High School of Science & Technology and the controversially renovated Putnam Vocational High School are located in this neighborhood.[2]

The neighborhood also features numerous local and chain restaurants, not to mention a handful of independently owned restaurants and bars. Overall, Springfield's Boston Road is one of the city's most eclectic neighborhoods, functioning as a car-oriented version of Metro Center. Whereas one does not need a car to shop and enjoy Springfield's compact Metro Center, a car is a necessity for use along Boston Road.


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Coordinates: 42°8′19.6″N 72°30′35.8″W / 42.138778°N 72.509944°W / 42.138778; -72.509944