Boston cream doughnut

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Boston cream doughnut
Alternative names Boston cream pie doughnut
Type Doughnut
Main ingredients Dough, chocolate icing, vanilla-flavored custard
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The Boston cream doughnut (sometimes written with "creme" or "kreme") is a round, solid, yeast risen, doughnut with chocolate frosting and a creamy vanilla flavored custard filling: a miniature version of the Boston cream pie.[1][2]


The Boston cream doughnut was designated the official doughnut of Massachusetts in 2003[3] after the Boston cream pie itself was chosen as the state dessert in 1996. The Boston cream doughnut is referenced in the song "Donuts" by the metal band Murp.

Interior view of a lightly filled Boston cream doughnut
Interior view of a lightly filled Boston cream doughnut

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