Sectorul Botanica

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Gates of Chișinău, the southern the entrance into the city lies in Sectorul Botanica
Bulevardul Dacia in Sectorul Botanica

Sectorul Botanica is one of the five sectors in Chișinău, the capital of Moldova. Botanica is one of the more scenic districts in Chișinău, it hosts a zoo and a botanical garden. The local administration is managed by a pretor appointed by the city administration. It governs over a portion of the city of Chișinău itself (the southern part), the town of Sîngera, and the commune of Băcioi. The density of Russians and Ukrainians is little higher than on other districts of Chisinau.[citation needed]

Outside Botanica itself there is housing for displaced persons and asylum seekers, provided by UNDP.

Botanica is easily accessible from the rest of the city and also includes a shopping mall, Jumbo shopping centre. In Botanica is located the second stadium by capacity from Moldova, Zimbru Stadium.

Sîngera (town)
Băcioi (commune)    

Coordinates: 46°58′57″N 28°51′43″E / 46.98250001°N 28.8619444544°E / 46.98250001; 28.8619444544